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Why We Can't Change

Change doesn't happen in a day. Most of us will never brave the long-term game, thus we succumb.
Why We Can't Change

So why can’t we change? Why do we find it so difficult to pluck up the courage to make meaningful changes in our lives? I’ve been thinking about this lately and I think I have a few thoughts. Here are three reasons why I think we can’t change.


Like how Rome wasn’t built in a day, many of us give up too soon. We don’t allow ourselves enough time to see change. Take gym, for example, it takes a long while for you to change the way you look or feel. You can’t reasonably expect to get chiselled (or whatever your gym goal is) in one week or even one month. It takes years for serious change to take place. Like this, many of the things we attempt to change take time. Learning a new skill? 10,000 hours needed. Starting on YouTube? A few years at least on average.

One lesson that I’ve learnt from Ali Abdaal and have applied to many contexts outside of building a YouTube channel is to pursue something regularly for 2 years before considering quitting. Of course, this isn’t always applicable but generally can be applied to most things.


Next up, we won’t get what we want if our focus is in the wrong place. If you just create content thinking it will make you money, then that probably won’t happen. Often the thing that we’re really after is the by-product of something completely different. Being a creator, I’ll use content creation as an example. Yes, one of the reasons why I do all of this is with the hope that I’ll make money online. But, I’m self-aware to know that I need quality content first and foremost. Just simply shoving any old content out there won’t move the needle. Whatever I push out genuinely needs to be good, high-quality, engaging content.

We need to be sure our focus is in the right place. If you’re attempting to build a successful startup, focus on your customers, not your profit margin. You get the idea.


If no one is watching you, then sure it would so easy to quit. For most of us, this is often the case. Especially for me, I find it so easy to miss a gym session because I have no one to keep me accountable when it comes to fitness! But, when it comes to creating content on the internet, I have so many people keeping me accountable every single week. These are fans, fellow creators, and my girlfriend. So, one thing that does it for me is accountability.

When trying to make meaningful change in our lives, find accountability. This could be anyone. Some of us may even opt to be more extreme and put money/bets on things we want to achieve — of course, no one likes to lose money so they end up doing the thing. Whatever it is, source some accountability.