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The Two Minute Rule

The wildest of productivity hacks are the simplest. If something takes less than 2-minutes, do it there and then.
The Two Minute Rule

A super quick one this week (just like the rule I’m about to share). Earlier this week, I forgot to pull the trigger on an Amazon purchase I had already decided on for a friend’s upcoming birthday present. By the time I realised, it was too late and the delivery is now arriving a day after the birthday (awkward). But, when I shared this story with my girlfriend, she reminded me, “Isn’t this the 2-minute rule you used to tell everyone about?”

So, as a general reminder here’s a quick recap of the 2-minute rule that I first read about in the ultimate productivity book Getting Things Done by David Allen. Essentially the rule is as follows:

If something takes less than 2-minutes, do it there and then.

This can be helpful in so many situations. Whether you have a desk yet to be tidied, some laundry yet to be started, or even a quick email response yet to be sent, these can all probably be done in 2-minutes.

Since I was reminded by my girlfriend of the rule, I’ve been applying it to my life to quickly do things such as sending off a change of address form or sorting out some admin tasks at work, and I’ve noticed how relieved I’ve felt towards the end of the day knowing I’ve now let small tiny tasks accumulate over the day.