Here’s something that was a big wow moment for me:

Metacognition: Think about thinking. Know about knowing.
by Anne-Laure Le Cunff @ Nesslabs

As Carl Jung once wrote, here’s why cultivating self-awareness, and therefore utilising the concept of metacognition, is the key to a meaningful life:

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

This is the very same reason why we are mostly fantastic at giving others advice, but terrible at taking the same advice ourselves. When we give others advice we understand their background and consider their circumstances. So, how could the same advice apply to us? We seldom stop to consider our own circumstances.

Now let’s birth The Introspective Genius. My first attempt at being funky with words and creating my own cool phrase for what is perhaps very obvious. But, as the saying goes obvious to you, amazing to others. So, here we are.

Ever heard of the phrase thinking outside the box? Self-awareness is exactly this but with your own life. Are you able to view your life as an unbiased bystander?

This is exactly what The Introspective Genius is fantastic at doing.

The Introspective Genius — Leads a life of fewer regrets and better self-awareness through harnessing the power of introspection. For which, this person becomes a genius.

I’m trying to be more like The Introspective Genius because I have realised that the greater contributor towards a happy and meaningful life has little to do with working hard and being successful, but a lot to do with the regrets that we build up over the decades. Being introspective allows us to avoid these regrets, which is the ultimate genius act.

How one levels up their introspection is beyond my youthful insight, but here are some things that help me:

  • Instead of thinking what next at every milestone, I first ask myself what did I miss? Only after this, do I consider what next.
  • Mentors are fantastic at sparking introspection. If they mean well for you, they’ll allow you to think in a way that promotes introspective thinking.
  • Daily mantras and habits can act as a gentle reminder of what is truly important to oneself. Here’s my daily habit.

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