We often speak about ‘balance’ as being the key in many domains of life such as a work-life balance and a balanced diet. But, I still think balance is a fairly undervalued and underrated core principle that defines our quality of life — so let’s talk about it.

To do this, I have created yet another one of my own terms, this time let’s call it The Goldilocks Principle (for context see my previous attempts: The Motivation Curve and The Introspective Genius).

For the select few who might not be aware of the Goldilocks and the Three Bears fairy-tale, here’s a link. But also, how could you not know?

As I’ve started to do more and more with my free time mainly in the online space through content, I’ve realised how very quickly you can be sucked into these projects at the expense of the other more important things. For example, I find myself exercising less, spending fewer hours learning new skills on Skillshare and reading fewer books (this one is perhaps not all that bad, I’ll explain in a future article).

But I’m very aware that this needs to change as soon as possible for the betterment of my quality of life. If there’s one key concept that I find myself coming back to and realigning my compass towards — it’s balance. I want to lead a balanced life. This is where The Goldilocks Principle comes into play. The idea is simple.

The Goldilocks Principle: find just-right in anything you do.

More isn’t always better and certainly not better when it comes to consuming or creating content. Sure, the algorithm may treat you better if you churn out three pieces of content a week as opposed to one, but the real algorithm you’re at play with here is life. Your physical and mental health, as well as relationships and family, comes leaps and bounds above whatever ‘success’ you could achieve in your professional career or side-projects.

So you’re thinking this is just a glorified term for balance? Not really.

It’s not easy knowing what balance looks like or feels like in a project, endeavour, or avenue we are experiencing for the first-ever time in our lives. This is why I like to think about it in the fairy-tale sense. Goldilocks finds the porridge just-right throughtrial and error. First, it’s too hot. Then, it’s too cold. Finally, it’s just right.

So, go easy on yourself. In any new thing you try, seek to find the just-right point. However, appreciate that this comes naturally through trial and error. Sometimes you have to overdo it to know what’s too much. But that’s okay. Just as long as you eventually find just-right.

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