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45 | The Art of Meaningful Networking
The 7-11-4 Principle is introduced in the book Oversubscribed by Daniel Priestley. What I found most surprising was how this principle is oddly similar to the mindset I have when it comes to networking.
42 | How To Stop Giving A F*CK
This is a gentle reminder. Dishing out too many f*cks? Then maybe you shouldn’t but that’s tough. So, let’s break it down. Here’s how I stopped giving a f*ck and turned my life around.
41 | One Message Changed My Life!
If you send 100 messages, one may change your life. But if you send zero, then the probability of meaningful connections occurring will also be zero. After making this realisation, I’ve sent so many DMs to so many people. Some have been super fruitful.
40 | Take 5-Hours To Save 5-Minutes
A systems-based approach changes the game entirely. Here’s a lesson from the book What They Don’t Teach You At Harvard Business School that helps explain this. Let’s have a look.
017 | The Art of Being Unproductive
The term productivity is often used as a measure of your output. The more you get done in less time, the more productive you are said to be. It is therefore easy to define this output in terms of things that are more visible e.g. a work project, an essay, a number of errands, etc. What is less easy …
012 | Why I built a second brain.
Trust me this will make you a superhuman. Have you ever had an incredible thought that you couldn’t recall the next time you tried to rekindle the idea? The solution is to build a second brain and here’s why you should!
009 | Never forget a book again.
Never forget a book again - here’s a 4-step process I have devised to remember everything I read. Too often we passively read and rarely read with intent to remember forever - this has to change.
006 | Don’t Be A Generalist.
How many lawyers do you know who can develop complex digital applications? How many doctors do you know who are also legal experts? None of the above combinations are particularly generalist careers and at the same time they aren’t super specialised.
002 | Deciphering the flex mentality.
I think you’ll agree with me that some of our fellow humans have a tendency to evoke a level of superiority over their peers or in other words, “flex”. But, why?