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Screw The Legacy-Mindset

We have no control over our potential legacies as ultimately it’s not our decision as individuals. So should we rather remain fixated on building a legacy or should we live our best life and let legacy take car of itself?
Screw The Legacy-Mindset

I stumbled across this fantastic passage from the book Oversubscribed by Daniel Priestley, which, by the way, is an insanely valuable book for entrepreneurs and budding content creators.

This particular passage is towards the end of the book and it’s a great reminder about how legacies are lived, not built. We have no control over our potential legacies as ultimately it’s not our decision as individuals. But anyway, here’s the passage — read it carefully and then read it again. I hope you resonate with it just the way I did.

Daniel starts by saying:

We only get a few trips around the sun. On average, you'll get about 80; maybe if you're lucky you'll get 100. Some people are given a lot less. We really don't know how many more we will get for sure. Many people worry about making an impact in that time or about their legacy. But really, no one ever gets to know their legacy. No one can plan it, orchestrate it or claim theirs is better or more impactful than anyone else.

He then adds:

The mother and father of scientist Marie Curie made enormous sacrifices so that their daughter might go to university. They would never know that she would win two Nobel Prizes for her work in physics and chemistry and affect billions of lives. If you asked them whether all the hard work and sacrifice was worth it, they may have harboured doubts.

And concludes with:

But no matter what their legacy, every person plays an important role on this planet. If humanity is a rich tapestry, some people are on show and are an obvious feature on that tapestry. However, their very existence depends on every other thread that is weaving the masterpiece in place.

For me, this reminded me to be cautious of my ‘do-it-all’ attitude and realise that perhaps, it is better to do fewer things and do them more intentionally. This way I can cherish the present moment as well as fuel my aspirations. That’s all for this week, what do you guys think? Let me know!

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