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Don't Give Up Yet

Don’t give up just yet — you really have no idea what’s around the corner! Here's a parable to make that clear.
Don't Give Up Yet

Let me recreate a classic for you. Picture yourself a miner digging for diamonds. Let’s say the diamond is approximately 100-metres deep into the ground. They dig for an entire day, get about 1-metre deep. They repeat this for 99 days and get 99-metres deep. You might see where I’m heading here. Let’s say on the evening of the 99th day, they think to themselves, this has been very exhausting work for no reward. They give up and move on. Had they just dug for one more day, life might have been very different.

This is the message I want to tell myself this week and what better way to do so than write a blogletter for all of us. I had experienced pretty ‘good’ growth on YouTube with my first 30 or so videos hitting 2K+ subscribers. However, I then took a break and the last 4 or so videos after my break has yielded very little. Growth seems to have come to a halt. This is disheartening but I need to remind myself, these things take time and hard work is always rewarded in the end. So, like a diamond-miner having to dig 100-metres deep, one day at a time, I’m going to make 100 videos, one video at a time and see where it leads me!

My favourite Twitter account Visualise Value run by Jack Butcher, also made an incredible visual to represent this message so I’m going to leave you with that this week:

Source: Visualise Value

Don’t give up just yet — you really have no idea what’s around the corner!

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