Hey friends, there are some questions I get asked pretty often so I thought I'd be more helpful and answer many of them here for you wonderful people!

How did you build this website?

I used Ghost to build this very website, and I used their free Casper theme and added a few of my own HTML/CSS modifications such as custom pages, font changes, and I changed way photos appear to include a border-radius.

I would say if you can afford to, then purchase hosting with Ghost themselves, as it would probably be a much more fluid process, however if you're like me and don't have a big budget for a personal website then use DigitalOcean to host Ghost for just $5/month. This is the great thing with Ghost being completely open source, you can host it yourself!

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How did you learn design?

I first got into design when I was 12/13 in high school. I've been slowly learning and iterating over the last decade. There was no real 'single thing' that I did to learn design.

I learnt through experimenting and real projects. Whenever there was a design orientated task in a group project or other project I'm involved in, I'd often volunteer myself to work on the design/creative/website side of things. So, I'd recommend doing this.

You're best friends are Google, YouTube, and Dribbble when it comes to learning design. If I didn't know how to do a particular thing, I'd search up a tutorial on YouTube and follow this. Then after watching the tutorial once, executing once, I would then be able to do that particular thing and I'd implement it in future designs whilst looking to learn one new additional thing for future designs.

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What apps do you use to design?

How do you make social media visuals?

How do you make the illustrations on this website/newsletter?

What platform do you use for your newsletter?

What books changed your life?

What books would you recommend highly?

How do you take book notes/summarise books?

What gear do you use to make YouTube videos?

How do you balance everything/manage time?

How do you find design clients/get started with freelance work?

Would you recommend Ali Abdaal's PTYA course?

How do you study for medical school/revise for exams?

How to grow on Twitter?