Here are a few design examples from previous projects. 🍿

My style: minimal aesthetics, pastel colours, stellar typography. 👨🏾‍🍳

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Peek is an app that will completely change the way we read books. Think social media and collaborative highlights – but for book lovers!


Zanmi is an app designed to remove friction when it comes to finding cleaners for your home! Think Uber meets cleaning services!


This was a MedEd startup me and two friends founded earlier in 2020 – we ended up not taking it very far but these were the designs for the app.

Personal Brands

Here are some of my own personal brand assets that I use on my website, channel, and social media. If you like what you see – let's chat!


I have been creating minimal illustrations for my newsletter – here are a few.

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Stay safe, stay happy! 🤟🏾