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Creating is Learning Boosted

As the old saying goes, practice is the key to perfection. Similarly, creating is the key to learning.
Creating is Learning Boosted

The best way to learn is to create. Creating can be any real-life application of what we're learning. This is because when we create we do two very important things. Firstly, we solidify our understanding through the recall of key information and secondly, we identify the gaps in our learnings.

I'm not talking about the learning we do in relation to academia, although vastly speaking, the same applies. Rather, in relation to the types of learning we do to upskill. Whether that's learning how to code websites or how to leverage Web3 technologies, the real value is in doing. The longer we spend 'learning' by consuming books/courses/video guides, the more we desire to keep 'learning' as we fall victim to the must-know-it-all mindset.

The reality is we, on most occasions, don't need to know absolutely everything to get started. Even better, the more applicable/impactful learnings come from filling the gaps in our knowledge as we face obstacles when creating.

This is exactly how I got started with UI/UX designing and this is something  I've seen many successful founders talk about in relation to becoming an 'expert' in fields important to their company. They start when they don't know what they're doing and become proficient with time. Not everyone is polished when they first create, but they become polished through creating.

As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. Similarly, creating boosts learning.